Friday, October 17, 2014

halloween at hogwarts

eng7  Jesse J
My alarm rang but I did not want to wake up my but my roommate jack said to wakeup it was Halloween I told what’s the point sins theirs no candy and told me there was a feast so told him to lets go as soon as we came out harry potter was playing with his pet owl
I asked him were is the fist hi Sid to follow him to the Great hall and we started to talk abut dumb tings like what was the wrest jellybeans we ate tings like that as soon as we got to the Great Hall
 I saw the biggest pumpkin pie and there was a quidditch tenement I did not want to play sins the first time I played I fell from the broom but so I went to eat they gave turkey with mash potato’s, ice cream , cookies ,cake and something called the snake venom  it smelled funny and looked green with something red in the side.  Jack sad to tray it was good. Harry sad it gets the tasty of your favorite food at the end.
 They gave everyone a bag candy and jack sad to go to are room to see some movies we saw Casper, jack in the land of Halloween and the witch god mother I had only seen the moves when I was a 8 or 7
 It was a great Halloween after all I cant wait for next Halloween

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Dot Day.

A dot when you see a dot it may look like a little ting but a dot has a story behind it.

i am

1 ting i  learned  that my sisters are a bigger part of my life than i thought
2 learned  is that i don't know me as much as i thought
3 how to use voice over