Friday, September 12, 2014

An Unforgettable School Day

An unforgettable school day
It was a cold foggy morning in Cesar Chaves middle school it was staar day it's the test we tack to see if we are ready to move on to next grade or stay so of cores I was nerves.
The only ting on my mind is I'm not going to pass. My mind was in a war with my self. I but I remembered I was 122 out of 346 so that was one of the ting’s that was one come me down.
The bell rang it was time to go to class I felt like crying, running home and like i wanted to kill my self. it took me a long time get to class of fear when i finally maned up  i  stared to walk faster and faster and faster but i had wake back sins i had passed my class i open the door and my teacher told me to go to a different
Class sins I have dyslexia.
So I went to the I class and I was surprised my best friend was there so I was a little happy and I see are teacher was mis Kingston she was the nice’s teacher in 6th grade they give os the test rules it terns out if you have dyslexia they read os the test 
we starred and i was a ahed but that got me a little worried that I was over confidant so looked back and did everything agin I had three hours lift so I slept for five minuets and all of as soon as i closed my eyes it started to rani hard the noise did not let me think so I went to the restroom and washed my had with  cold water . So I was ready to go back and finish the test.
so I went to my room with over confidant i went and finish the test

And went to my normal class and I asked the teacher when the grads will come back and she told my in a copal of months so the day came and I passed i learned that to pass you need to have no fear. 

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